Possible Written Exam Questions

Explain the Term Karate - Empty (Kara) Hand (Te)

Explain the Term Wado Ryu - Wa (Peace or Harmony) Do (method) Ryu (style)

Japanese for Front Kick / Reverse punch - Kette Gyaku tsuki

Explain the Term Su Ha Ri - is a term the Japanese use to describe the overall progression of martial arts training. Su: to learn the method, Ha: pass on as you have been taught, Ri: to expand on what you've been taught and alter to best suit you abilities.

Explain the Term Mashomen: Front viewing

Explain the Term Hanmi: Half Front viewing

Explain the Term Mahanmi: Side viewing

Explain the Term Kokutsu Dachi: Ko (Back) Kutsu (Bent) Dachi (Stance)

Explain the Term Uchi Uke: Block From outside of the body to the inside (Uchi = in, Uke = Block)

Explain the Term Soto Uke: Block From inside of the body to the outside (Soto = Out, Uke = Block)

Striking points of the hand: Seiken (First two knuckles), IpponKen (One knuckle fist or middle knukle strike), Haito (Ridgehand), Tetsui (Hammer Fist), Shuto (Knifehand), Uraken (Back Fist), Teisho( Palm Heel), Nukite (Spearhand)

Striking points of the foot: Josokutei (Ball of the foot), Sokuto (outer edge of the foot as in the Kick Sokuto), Ashikubi (Instep), Kakato (Heel)

Explain the difference between Kakete and Machite:  Kakete is preemptive timing which is called Sente (Sen-no-Sen), Machite is when an opponent attacks first and is either Sensen no Sente (Sensen no sen) or Gosen-no-Te (Go-no-Sen)

Explain the Term TaiSabaki: Shifting the body just enough to avoid an attack

Explain the Term Nagasu: (wave) Flowing body movement as in Nagasu Zuki where we change the angle of attack to strike

Explain the Term Inasu: A technique to dodge or deflect an attack by moving out of your opponents seichusen (Centre line of attack)

Explain the Term Irimi : Irimi (entering the opponents fighting area) is utilized during the instant of your opponent’s attack. It is to move out of his line of attack and into his “blind spot” or shikaku

Japanese word for awareness: Zanshin